The name pachrang is derived from ’panch’(five), ‘Rang’(colors) first five elements or the ingredients that were used in making the achaars. In 1925 Pachranga was started as a new venture by a Punjabi family, the Dhingras never knew that their new business would grow by leaps and bounds. They started from a small scale setup employing the localities in the process of manufacturing and exporting the product just to nearby cities. The foundation of Pachranga was laid by precious efforts of Late Shri Murli Dhar Dhingra in Pakistan. His son Late Shri Ram Narain Dhingra expanded the business setting it up in India post-independence, in 1947 as PACHRANGA '5' that was operated under the original firm incepted by Murli Dhar Ram Narain. Thus the world renowned Achar Pachranga (Mixed pickle)made with the blend of edible oil, handpicked spices and selected fresh fruits and vegetables, preserved scientifically under most hygienic conditions has been trusted & loved by all age groups, was born. A state-of-art manufacturing facility at Panipat using a rare mix of technology and skilled manpower.

Key ingredients are:  Mango slices, Lemon, Green chillies, Lotus stem, dehla, Ginger, Karonda, Turnip, carrot, Common salt, Edible oil, Fenugreek, Fennel, Coriander, Turmeric, Red chillies, Cumin, Nigellia, Bishop’s weed