Arunachal Pradesh, the northeasternmost state of India, it borders the states of Assam and Nagaland to the south and shares international borders with Bhutan in the west, Myanmar in the east.The lush greenery with clear blue skies makes the entire place look magical. Ziro is an interesting old town in Arunachal Pradesh, famous for its pine slopes and rice fields, and Surrounded by blue rolling hills and topographically cut off from the rest of the populated areas of the region. The atmosphere in Ziro is mild through the year, making it comfortable to travel all year round.One of the major ethnic groups of eastern Himalayas, Apatani tribe in ziro valley is a set of migrant from Tibet, they are well known for the tattoos on the head and nose plugs, they are very nice and welcoming, well known for treating their tourists coming over there. They worship nature and the religion is called Donnie Paulo, Donnie means the Sun and Paulo means the moon. The UNESCO has proposed the Apatani valley for inclusion as a World Heritage Site for its extremely high productivity and unique way of preserving the ecology. The Apatani exercise everlasting wetland cultivation in hilly terrain via cutting the hills, whereas different tribes practice cultivation in dry land through slicing down forests. Paddy cultivation is a major occupation in Ziro. Here, two unique assortments of rice are developed with one variety of fish in the water. Bamboo and Pine trees encompass the paddy fields.This beautiful place is one of the major ethnic groups of eastern Himalayas with rich traditional ecological knowledge of natural resource conservation and management.

Chicken Yormii is spicy tangy Traditional delicacy of Arunachal Pradesh brought from the midst of Ziro valley, which is a must try chutney for your next meal. This traditional spicy dish is highly popular among the Apatani Tribe. Chicken Yormii is just one pickle among all the other special traditional dishes, it’s a mixture of cooked and dried shredded chicken, ginger, garlic paste mustard oil and other spices gives the natural flavour to this hot and tasty spicy pickle. It’s a combination of tender chicken perfectly blended with dry chili flakes known as Yormii. While chicken is a good source of protein, Yormii provides you with rich vitamin A and helps improve your immune system.

This traditional preparation works as appetiser and helps healthy eating and will definitely be a juicy aromatic delicious pickle with your daily rice.