Punjab the land of the five rivers, well known for their poetry, spirituality, education, cuisine, artistry, music, and architecture. A state bordering Pakistan, is the heart of India’s Sikh community.The freestyle type of Indian wrestling is one of the most popular and traditional sports from India. Punjab is well known for its wrestlers or Pahalwan and it’s one of the best places to learn Kushti or Indian wrestling. It isn’t just a sport, but is the best sport to play and maintain the physique. its an ancient subculture where wrestlers or pehlwan live and train together and follow strict rules on everything from what they can eat to what they can do in their spare time made by the trainer or ustad, Diet’s contains ghee milk along with almonds, green vegetables, banana, apple and watermelon in fruits. Consumption of tobacco and alcohol are strongly prohibited for the Pahalwan of India. There are only a few major places remain where the Indian wrestling is in practice, some dedicated people are still working to keep alive. Wrestling takes place in a clay or dirt pit. And the place is known as Akahra’s, The soil is mixed with ghee and other things. Akhada is a place for practicing, in other words the school of wrestlers. wrestling physical training means to build strength and develop muscle. There are some specific exercises that wrestler should do on a daily basis, Surya Namaskara, shirshasan, the dand and bethak. 

Besan Laddu is a Famous indian dessert, they're the lemon size ball form sweetmeat made up of fragrant gram flour (chickpea flour ) with sugar and ghee, cardamoms and pistachios or other nuts to garnish.  In Akhadas of Punjab, the ingredients were given to the young boys as a supplement for enhancing their size and strength and the core recipe is still a secret. Times changed and Akhadas have mostly vanished and these favourite and classy combination is served as laddus by the pioneers Bansal sweets located in Amritsar Punjab.They're grainy and matt in texture. Those ladoo are so famous in India that they don’t need any intro. Besan is roasted in ghee until its golden colour and you get a nice aroma of roasted besan, then sugar is added to it and the mixture is made into sweet balls, garnished with nuts.